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Empowering music creation using AI

Music creation is a resource-intensive and costly process, demanding extensive time commitments. An opportunity lies in reimagining the creation workflow. Generative  AI holds the potential to usher in a transformative revolution comparable to the impact of the introduction of the MIDI keyboard in the music industry in the 1980s. We are building a tool that enables our in-house musicians to create music with AI by giving prompts. 

My role: Foundational research, identifying product market fit, creation of user stories, preliminary concepts, data collection, usability testing of the concepts​


Timeline: October 2023 - present ​


The team: 1 designer, 1 sound designer, 1 PM, 5 data scientists, 2 engineers

Experiences of the MVP will constantly change with better understanding of product market fit. Hence, I arrived at the above guidelines for designing platforms that utilise AI generation. 

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