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Hear Me Out

Immersion means to be completely submerged or dipped in another state. In storytelling, this often takes the form of being submerged in another state of thought and action. Immersion can be achieved by the following ways.

The Idea

In a world that is dominated by visual clutter, 'Hear me out' is an immersive experience that lets the audience experience popular Twitter hashtags through the ears. Currently, an audience interacts with Twitter hashtags via a screen (visual). Numerical data (number of retweets and likes) and associated tweets and videos make up the experience. The engagement is also masses driven.

We flipped this idea by creating a space where the audience could 'enter' and listen to popular hashtag audios. 

The Space

The experience is designed to be in a dark space to amplify audio and block visual. It also is a solo experience.



The Lighting

The box had Phillips Hue, the colours of which corresponded with the emotion of the hashtag. 



The Audio

The volume of the audio depicts the popularity of the hashtag. 

(Use headphones for a better experience)




The Interface



The Response

Just listening to the audio of a hashtag, led to users listening to all the voices in a track, as opposed to just focusing on the main person in a video. This helped the audience shed their bias of the centre guy.



The Concept Video

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