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Managing errors in Zee5's connected TV viewing experience

Errors are unfortunate and frustrate people. Error management lets users take simple remedial actions to resolve errors that they might encounter while watching videos on Zee5. Users are not keen on calling a customer care helpline and waiting for several minutes. We built an experience that lets high-intent users to resolve encountered errors by themselves. 

My role: Working closely with development team to understand the error flows and deliver designs.

Timeline: July 2022 - September 2022 

The team: Solo designer with guidance from a lead designer, 1 UX writer, 1 product manager, 8+ engineers

What  is different about designing for TV?


In contrast to touch interfaces, TV functionality relies on a remote controller. This introduces added effort in executing actions on the TV. Therefore, our focus in error management was to present all necessary information upfront, minimizing the need for user to explore, and streamlining processes upon button press.

10 ft UI

Considering that people typically watch TV from a distance of around 10 feet, intricate screen layouts are not appropriate for a leanback viewing experience. Thus, we took care to simplify layouts, opting for vertically stacked arrangements to enhance the ease of use for viewers.

New error management flow for connected TV

User journey

Design decisions explained

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