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We Study : An online educational platform



What is WeStudy?

We Study is Zoom for kids. It is an online classroom. It is specially tailored to fit in the lifestyle of primary school children who are finding the transition from physical classrooms to online classrooms difficult. 


The COVID19 lockdown led to the shutting down of all educational institutions. This led to a shift from traditional classrooms to online classes. This exposed the fact that online platforms are still not ready to recreate physical classrooms.

Target Audience 

Primary school children attending online classes (8 - 13 years)

Teachers to these children

Journey of the child during virtual classes

Design Challenge 

Primary research with primary grade students and their parents revealed various problems the students were facing. The students' schedules had been disturbed, they were distraught at not been able to see their friends and were not excited about the classes.

How might we

get Manu to attend classes online?


ensure that Manu is paying attention?


make learning relatable for Manu?


Opportunity Map​


Proposed Journey Map


'We Study' is an online classroom platform. It tries to recreate the physical and leverage the power of digital learning platforms. It introduces a virtual companion named doggie, which is owned by a set of children. Good behaviours, attention etc in class fetch 'goodies' for the doggie. These rewards can be fed the next day ensuring attendance. 

Virtual Character

Doggie would be a character capable of expressing emotions to the child. These would be based on behaviour, mood, time of the day and conduct in class.

Stakeholder Positioning

Information Architecture

User Flow (Student) 


Masti Time​

At this time, the group of children feed the virtual pet with the earned goodies and compare their pet with others' in class.

Prayer Time

Classroom View

Teacher has disabled chat

Popup Quiz

Popup Quiz
Popup Quiz

State when no ongoing class

User Flow (Teacher) 



Entering Classroom


Screen share

Classroom - chat disabled

Disabling chat in case of indiscipline

Listening to a doubt

Child raining hand
Answering doubt

Giving pop up quiz

Pop up Quiz
Seeing who hasn't answered question

User Flow (Parent) 


1. Masti time

After onboarding the class, the children get 10 min with their friends. This time can be used to talk and feed their digital friend- the dog with the goodies received the previous day. This ensures attendance on time.

2. Morning routine

The day begins with a prayer to keep the familiarity with the physical classrooms.


3. Seating arrangement

Frameless, classroom like seating.The team came up with this idea before Microsoft teams launched it publically.

4. In-class questions

The teacher pushes in-class questions. This is done to gauge the attention of the child. Answering correctly fetches the child goodies for the doggie. These could be fed to the doggie the next day.

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