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Zee5 is an over-the-top (OTT) application accessible and available on mobile, PWA and TV. It majorly houses Indian content. It is an entertainment super app and contains videos on demand, live channels, live sports, music, games etc. It is rated at 4.5 and has 100M+ play store downloads. 

Video engagement team 

As a part of the video engagement team, I designed screens that helped user handle errors in a video player. It was an amazing experience to work for all platforms, including mobile, TV and PWA.


Gamification team

I worked on various gamification features like opinion polls for daily shows, voting for reality shows and predict and win during live sports. 

Games team

As a part of the games team, I am working on the gradual launch of games on Zee5. 


I have also conducted a thorough heuristic analysis of the Zee5 web platform.

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