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Adapting Zee5 music across platforms

Until 2022, Zee5 through its android mobile application offered film songs and music videos to its audience. In 2023, the product saw an opportunity to extend the music offering to iOS, Web, connected TV and Android Auto. Today, over 1 lakh songs are listened to daily on the platform.

My role: UX design for iOS and progressive web applications

Timeline: April 2023

The team: 2 designers, 1 PM, 8 engineers, 1 data analyst 

Case study 01
Search for iOS mobile

Search flow is one of the key experiences of discovering music. As part of adapting music for iOS, search flow was to be built while keeping the nuances of designing for iOS. To begin, we had to understand the following:

1. What are the current problems with the search experience for music? 

2. What are the Human Interface Guidelines for search?

So, I conducted an audit.


I conducted a review of the search experience of our current android app. This helped me identify gaps and map opportunity areas. The data analytics team helped me understand the drop-offs in the current experience. Following are the key take aways:

📉 There was a 50% drop from search entry to query typing.

🔡 The keypad did not open when one entered the search stage. 

😐 No results in zero query and typing query stage. Other platforms show relevant results at these stages which lead to users finding their content easily. 

🔎 Results are fetched only after the search is executed. 

⚠️ Incase a user's query isn't available, the system status wasn't communicated to the user. 

Human Interface Guidelines for search fields 


1. Display placeholder text that describes the type of information people can search for.
2. Provide suggestions to improve the search experience.
3. Consider providing access to relevant items near a search field so people can select them instead of searching.
4. Start the search at an appropriate time. 
5. Include a Clear button. 
6. Take privacy into consideration before displaying search history. 

New flow with search stages

User journey


Design decisions explained

Music search 3

Case study 02
Podcast for Progressive Web Applications

Zee5 music catalogue sources many items from Hungama Music. Hungama Music also offers podcasts as an offering. As part of standardising audio experience across platforms, podcast experience for web had to be developed keeping in mind the web behaviours and device responsiveness (laptops to mweb).

The case study is currently WIP.

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