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Skin : A futuristic mobile cover 


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Concept Video




What is the project all about?

The project is a critical take on how we as humans use and treat our devices. It explores the consequences of our relationship with devices. It proposes a hypothesis on what could be done to strengthen the relationship. 

Problem Area

The way we interact with our machines/technology/devices has adverse effects on our relationship with fellow humans. It also has consequences on the future of the machine. Below are two case studies to strengthen the point. 








Design Brief




Positive Precedent




Understanding how aesthetics induce empathy?






After studying precedents, I formulated various factors that would make technology appear vulnerable.

What if the machines could remember something that made them vulnerable?


Primary Research

To understand how people treat their phones, I conducted a survey on Instagram. I compiled an excel sheet documenting these responses, responses from internet forums and my prior observations.  

View Observation Sheet





Skin : a memory of machines that remembers mistreatment​. 

The addition of a memory to devices that remembers and registers mistreatment. The Skin (as this memory will be referred to) will be an intrinsic part of devices. It will be aware of mishandling. It will remind the human users to take care of the machine. The Skin by changes on its surface will call for attention and demand to be treated better.

People with symptomatic phone skins will be looked down upon by others as this would be an insight into how the person treats entities.

Form Exploration


Final Prototype


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