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Donation Management System for Walmart

The video contains the brief and the product images.

Skip to 1:00 to look at the product.


Walmart Inc is a retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. 


During my internship, I was assigned to the Global Donation Management System. As part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Walmart donates. These donations include goods, food, money, and space. Since Walmart is present in various countries, currently these donations happen through various channels (in-person and digital) and platforms. Hence, the company is envisioning a single donation platform globally. My task was to imagine and implement a north star experience of what this global platform would look like. 

My Role

During my 6 months at Walmart, my role required me to understand the existing donation platforms at Walmart and identify the gaps and opportunities. I looked at the competitors to see how they were enabling smooth donation processes. The major problems unique to Walmart were the digitalization of a lot of processes and the fact that every country has different legal requirements.  With all this research, I came up with new user flows that addressed the following:

1. Registration and form-filling experience for grant seekers

2. Tracking of the application and availing benefits of the grant

3. Donation management and approval flows for the Walmart Corporate Affairs user

Learning and Reflections

1. Working for an internal user

Understanding the needs and requirements of an internal user is a little trickier than the needs of a customer. These needs, especially dealing with the business side were difficult to get my hands on.

2. Working for a global platform

Attention had to be paid to the 'content' as the platform would be used across countries. 

3. Prioritization of data

Donation Management involved understanding various applications that come into the system and defining a data-driven approach to prioritize them and getting the approval of the product owner.

4. Design System

Thinking out of the box but designing with Walmart's Living design system was a learning for me. 

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