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Archive contains my college projects.


speculative design, critical design, anthropomorphism, mobile phone

Skin, reimagining human-machine relationship

Speculation design | Critical design | Tangible interface | Ethics of care | 2020 🎥
experience, light
twitter, data audiolization, experience

Memory Rolls, writing with light in a public space

Tangible interface | Interactive experience | 2021 🎥 

Hear Me Out, immersive listening to tweets 

Data audiolisation | Interactive experience | 2020 🎥
classroom, children, zoom, online
trailblazer, children, nature, relationship

WeStudy, an online classroom for young kids

UX | Edtech | Gamification | 2020 🏆 

Trailblazer, rekindling the relationship between children and natural ecosystem

Wearable | Voice interface | UX | 2020 🏆 
data visualisation
english textbook, rural children

Bangalore Travels, data tales highlighting lower-income commuting challenges

Data visualisation | 2018 

An English textbook concept that emphasises self-revision for rural students 

User research | User testing | 2017 🏆 
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