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Bangalore Travels


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Transportation is more than just moving people. It’s also a factor of accessibility that can either limit or expand opportunities available to people based on where they live. “Public transportation is desired by many but is even more important for lower-income people. Without good public transportation, it's very difficult to deal with poverty and widening inequality” says Rosabeth Moss Kanter, professor at Harvard University. Because for any community, access to goods and services associated with upward mobility and economic progress, i.e. livelihood, food, healthcare, education, etc,— relies on the ability and ease of movement for an affordable price which directly influences the quality of life. With increased urbanization accompanied by increasing travel costs, travel time and changing schedules of public transport systems are only making it harder for the marginalized communities to access these basic goods and services having consequences on their socio-economic mobility especially in the face of growing economic disparity.

What is Bangalore Travels?

'Bangalore Travels' is an effort to bring these consequences to life by weaving stories around data on travel patterns and public transportation in Bangalore. By a means for WhatsApp forwards, it wishes to sensitize employers towards their employees who often get late due to inefficient transportation.


The visualizations were planned as a set of Whatsapp forwards as they are popular means of sharing information in the target audience that employs domestic help.

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