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I am a designer and researcher.
I design interfaces that enable humans to intuitively interact with technology. I speculate a world where these boundaries of interfaces blur.
I have studied at the National Institute of Design (NID) and IIIT Jabalpur and currently designing at Zee Entertainment.


My recent and ongoing projects

Empowering music creation process using AI

Product design | 2024

Chatbot for sexual education

Product design | 2024

Projects done for B2B and B2C applications

Bringing the power of games to Zee5

Product design | 2023

Adapting Zee5 music across platforms

Product design | 2023

Managing errors in Zee5's CTV experience

Product design | 2022

Global donation management system for Walmart

Product design | 2021 🎥

Tangible interfaces and interactions

Creating conversations through an IoT photo frame

Product design | 2021 🎥

Reimagining human-machine relationship

Speculative design | 2021 🎥

Writing with light in a public space

Interactive experience | 2021 🎥
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