Hi, I am Arushi Choudhary, a designer and a researcher. I value  experiences. It drives me everyday to create experiences that add value and delight to life. That is the reason my work focuses on usability, intuitiveness and users' contexts. I like thinking about the future and how things could be. Currently, I am a graduate student at the New Media department at the National Institute of Design, India. In the past, I have worked with ed-tech, health-wearable startups  and Walmart.

Following are some projects I have undertaken :

Product at zee


Product @ ZEE | creating video viewing experiences for Zee5 app (including mobile, web and TV) 

 #OTT    #UX   

an IoT photo-frame


 Hello | an IoT photo-frame that creates dialogues by leveraging the potential of photographs as a media to communicate.

 #tangible interface    #UX    #future of communication 

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 We Study | an online classroom for young children

 #UX     #edu-tech     #gamification    🏆 


 Trailblazer | a solution to rekindle the relationship  between children and natural ecosystem

 #wearable    #voice user interface     #UX    🏆


 Skin | Reimagining human- machine relationship 

 #speculation design    #critical design    #tangible interface 

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 Memory Rolls | writing with light in a public space 

 #tangible interface    #interactive experience 

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 English Textbook Concept | emphasising self-revision for  rural students 

 #user research    #user testing    #funded & implemented 🏆

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 Bangalore Travels | data storytelling that depicts  difficulties faced by lower income group while commuting 

 #data visualisation 

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 Hear Me Out | immersive experience of listening to tweets  instead of reading them 

 #data audiolization